Prevent, Prepare and Protect

SAVECO AB, with an aim to secure the safety and health of people, the environment and property.

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Increased environmental threats and challenges of battling resource constraints drive the need for sustainable operational practices with minimum negative environmental impact on people and our planet.

Saveco´s mission is to PreventPrepare and Protect, with an aim to secure the safety and health of people, the environment and property.


Saveco wants to become the leading provider in the Nordic market of highly effective products that help companies, organisations, public authorities and private house-owners to prevent, manage and mitigate operational and environmental risks.

We offer a wide tool-box, with state-of-the-art products and solutions based on the latest know-how and technology within each respective field with minimum negative impact on people and the environment.

Saveco is founded by a dedicated team of people, with extensive experience of risk management and occupational health and safety, with a keen interest in environmental and sustainability issues.

We believe in making informed choices in every day operations and to integrate sustainability across all processes pave the way for long-term success.

Lives will be saved, the environment will be spared, values will be protected and operational efficiency will increase.